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Meet Our Team



Chris Arnott
Agency Owner

My financial career began as an American Express Financial Advisor in 1990, continuing through my switch to Nationwide Financial & Insurance in 2010.

I was born and raised in Newell, WV, attended WVU and later graduated from MVNU.

The best part of my job helping people secure their future! Our clients are hardworking people, helping them feel more secure about the financial part of their lives is a great part of this job!

My free time is typically spent hiking the mountains with my son Corey or riding a motorcycle with my other son, Rob!

When I’m not working I’m either hiking or fishing. Or riding my Indian Chief Dark Horse.

I also love to travel! Pretty much anywhere!

When it coming to giving back, our agency supports “A Caring Place”, which is an advocacy group for abused children. I also regularly attend a church that is active in helping our community.

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Maddie King
Operations Manager/ Associate Agent

I am currently on my third year in insurance, all of which have been with the Chris Arnott Agency.
I grew up in a local area known as Toronto, Ohio.
I have about 8 years of management experience, a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and about 15 years of customer service experience.
My job is primarily keeping things organized and structured. I maintain scheduling and helped create the office manual. I am competitive and love to crush the competition in price and coverage.
I am due to have my first child this June and am excited to spend some time with my baby boy. I love how excited our long-term clients get when they see my baby bump.
My husband and I love to go boating and to travel. We have been to 6 other countries and would love to see more once we settle in our new child.
A good friend of ours was in a motorcycle accident years ago and was in a coma for months. We held a benefit for him to help raise money for his medical bills and after having seen what he went through, my husband and I try to attend as many local benefits for people in need as we can.

Valerie Burton
Associate Agent

I have been in the industry for over 14 years and have held a P & C License since 2006. My background includes Personal Lines Insurance and Commercial Lines Insurance.
I grew up in Akron Ohio.
I love being a part of an industry where I can help others and give them peace of mind knowing that what matters to them the most is protected.
I’m definitely the outdoorsy type, I love working in my flower gardens, and enjoy time with my family.
I love a good book, I enjoy doing yoga and gardening and being with my family.
I love to binge watch my favorite tv shows.

Jane Towery
Associate Agent

I have been in the insurance industry for the past 18 years. I am licensed in Life, Accident & Sickness, Property, & Casualty.
I have lived in Chester, WV my whole life. I have an associate degree in general studies from Kent State, East Liverpool Campus.
What I have enjoyed most in my life is going to Europe on vacation.
My favorite spot on the weekend in the summer is beside my pool.

Janelle Clifton
CLCS/ Associate Agent

I have been employed with Nationwide since 2013. I love being involved in the commercial side of insurance.
I am a graduate of Kent State University where I majored in criminal justice.
I love music and love to spend time outside. When I’m not working, you can find me spending time playing outside with my two children.
I am a board member for A Caring Place – Child Advocacy Center located in Wintersville, Ohio.

Robert McCoy
Associate Agent

Just started back in September 2017. Still new to the industry, but I’m quick learning and looking forward to excelling in my career.
I grew up in East Liverpool, Ohio. I attended the New Castle School of Trade and graduated with a couple Certifications.
The best part of my job is helping other people solve their problems and saving them money. I am a consumer just like them, helping them save money and making them feel they are giving the best service possible is my goal.  
I really enjoy going to the gym, playing sports, and staying active. I would really like to eventually move back to the beach or at least be close to it.
I usually play ice hockey on the weekends or I am out riding my motorcycle. Bonfires and cookouts are never a bad way to go either!

Sarah Lynne Phillips
Associate Agent

I have six years’ experience in the insurance industry. I grew up in the small town of Toronto, Ohio.
I enjoy the competitive nature of my work, I love when I can solve a client or potential clients problem.
I enjoy history, travel, books, summer time, and swimming pools.
I like quiet weekends at home with my family. I also love to cook!

Nancy Hamilton

I have sold Nationwide Insurance for over 27 years. I was born and raised in Salem Ohio.
I enjoy coming into work and helping others. I feel selling insurance is making people feel safe to protect their families and I will always give 100% of myself to my work.
I enjoy spending time with my husband, daughters, and granddaughter’s. Family time is so important in life.
I also enjoy going to the movie theater, taking walks, and in summer months going to car shows. I also enjoy attending church on Sunday mornings
For giving back, my husband and I help with the Make a Wish program.


Aaron Baaske
Associate Agent

I started in the insurance industry right out of college in 1988. Both Chris and I worked side by side helping people with their insurance needs. From 1988 to today a lot has changed, but working with and helping people is still one of my favorite parts of the business. Showing people what they have versus what they need is always eye opening. I love to empower people to make their own decisions.
I grew up in Vermilion Ohio. Went to Grade School, Middle School and High School all in Vermilion. I decided that when I grew up I wanted to move to the big city of Amherst as I saw Amherst as being a picture of success. I love Amherst.
I love to show people how things work – breaking it down into simple layman terms. Once they understand their options, I then help point them to the best products that will meet their individual needs. Taking a crappy situation, like a client that has been mistreated and giving them hope and options stokes my fire.
I love spending time with my wife Cathy, my son Drew, and daughter Cailyn. We love to work together and travel together whenever we can.
I love politics and economics. I read articles and comment on current events all the time.
I help our church every year with different projects that take care of the community needs. Sometimes for schools and sometime for the city itself. I love helping others.

Terri L. Tuttle
Master Certified Farm Agent

I have 22 years’ experience with Nationwide Insurance. Working with auto, home, life, health, Medicare supplements and my specialty is farms.
I grew up in Weirton, WV and moved to Toronto Ohio in 1984. I have been through all training Nationwide offers including Master Certification for Farms.
I love farmers and their farms. I enjoy meeting them and making new friends with them. Farmers are the most down to earth people and help us all with their contributions to our food industry.
I love my church, painting, quilting, crafting, traveling and my family.
You will find me in my craft room most weekends, either painting a new painting or sewing a new quilt.
I love to be outside in my garden reading or working in my flower and vegetable gardens in the spring.
When it comes to giving back, I volunteer at my church for various activities and sing in the choir.

Eileen Childers
Associate Agent

I have worked in the insurance industry for 25 years.
I was born in WV but I grew up in Baltimore MD until I was 14 years old then moved to New Cumberland, WV. I was a resident of Lisbon Ohio for several years but always end up back in WV.
I enjoy my job because I enjoy helping people.
I love to golf, but above that I enjoy going to church. I teach pre-school Sunday school and am part of the ladies group at the church. We provide backpacks for Hancock County School children. We also have a “Giving Tree” at Christmas to help families who may be struggling.
On the weekends, I enjoy shopping. But I have 10 grandchildren so I try to visit them when possible.

Susanne Stefl
Agent / Customer Service

After 15 years in retail, the customer service I provide in the insurance industry has been a joy to learn. I just do not provide a service but help people protect what is important to them and their family.
I was born and raised in East Liverpool Ohio. I have a bachelors in business and management from Kent State University and West Liberty University.  
I truly enjoy my job. The staff I have the pleasure of working with make every day fun. With my retail and business management background it has allowed me to take on numerous office tasks needed to run our company.
My true enjoyment comes from my two boys. Watching them learn and grow into young men has such a wonderful experience to have.
When not in the office, I love spending time with my husband and boys being outside or watching sports. Football and hockey are our enjoyment.  

Geraldine McGill
Office Manager/Associate Agent

I’ve been selling & servicing all major lines of insurance for the last 29 years.  It’s been my pleasure to work for a Nationwide agent all of those years! Being a ‘people person’ it has always given me great satisfaction to know I’ve helped our clients find the products they need at a price they can afford!

Born & raised in Steubenville, Ohio; and even though I now live in Richmond, I’m still proud to call Dean Martin’s hometown My Hometown! I’ve been a long distance runner for the past 35 years, & although I no longer do Marathons or long Races, I just can’t get enough of being outside, jogging in the sunshine. A good weekend is one I can spend with my hubby, going to a Broadway play or a good movie; historical sites and flea markets; just as long as we can be together. I’m embarrassed to say that I watch a lot of TV….kind of addicted to trashy reality shows and the History Channel….go figure!

My husband and I are Sponsoring partners of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust; and members of the Old Fort Steuben project in Steubenville, Ohio.